Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This shit gets more ridiculous by the day. Heres the story guys,

"5-year-old boy viciously beat his disabled grandmother with several items--including her walker--and then urinated on her back when she tried to escape!

The boy's mother, Jessica Hatcher, was arrested on child neglect and incapacitated adult abuse charges because she sat on the couch and watched television while her 58-year old mother, Alice F. Hatch was beaten in their Jackson County, West Virginia trailer, reports Charleston Daily Mail.

According to reports, the victim, who suffers from kidney failure, pneumonia and uses a wheelchair and walking aid, told officers how the child began a tantrum earlier that morning, stemming from "simple parenting-type issues."

Alice says things quickly turned physical when he grabbed her walker and began striking her with it, reports The Daily Mail. He then slapped her and spit in her face. She then tried to protect herself using a cane, but the boy disarmed her and began beating her with it.

This all unfolded as the boy's mother, Jessica, sat only feet away and ignored her mother's cries for help because was too engrossed in watching a television program. She told the victim she "can't do anything with him," reports The Daily Mail.

The grandmother managed to elude the child and locked herself in a bedroom. But he soon found her and began punching and kicking holes through the door until it gave way and he gained entry. Then he hit her with an aerosol can, she says.

The victim says she got into her wheelchair, exited the home and planned to lock herself in a car, but the boy caught up with her again and knocked her to the ground wielding a mop. That's when he stood on top of her and urinated on her back, according to reports.

She eventually managed to call 911.

When deputies arrived, the child's mother admitted that there was an argument but didn't believe anything inappropriate occurred, citing her mother and son "just don't click anymore." She added that parenting "was a burden in general."

The child is now in custody of a family member who does not live in the home.

WTF?! Alright before we bash the mother, I've seen some kids go through some serious parenting shit at home, but in the end the choices you make ARE YOUR CHOICES! That child made the decision to not only harm this frail old lady, but CONTINUE to do it! As for the mother, in plain english FUCK HER; If you can't take care of your fucking kid then dont fucking have one, plain and simple. People these days man...


  1. THAT IS THE WEIRDEST SHIT I READ since the other day. Holy hell that's just weird. Oh, I read the other weird thing on your blog a few days ago. WHAT'S WITH THE WEIRD SHIT MAN!?

  2. in regards to Birdman; Thanks for reading! This weird shit is what you wont typically see on a mainstream news channel or feed. Be sure to check in daily for more EPIC NEWS!

  3. I love how the Daily Mail is careful to not mention the severe passive-aggressive abuse the grandmother had inflicted on the child up to that point. They "just don't click anymore" sounds like the mother thought the old hag deserved it.

    Nah, I don't think that's what really happened but I'm almost positive that this isn't the whole story.

  4. Wow wtf man xD
    This really is weird shit/epic news!

  5. HOLY SHIT WTF WAS THAT?! Seriously, I am shocked. This 'mother' should be arrested for the rest of her life. And the child should go to a special school or something. That was just fucked up.

  6. I wonder what hes going to be like when he grows up:P Its messed up but hes 5 years old so its not TOO crazy, still crazy though :P

  7. the breeding in these days not like before ,and the mothers don't care for children and for that they do what they want.nice post

  8. Some people just shouldn't have kids.

  9. I actaully laughed when i read the title i know i shouldn't laugh at this but this is ridiculuos

  10. how the fuck does a 5-y/o kick through a bathroom door? chuck norris the making

  11. People need to learn to beat the shit outta their kids sometimes to teach them a lesson. And people wonder why children now days are out of hand.

  12. this kid must be a monster already imagine when he gets older

  13. This is really terrible, they never said how old the kid was did they?