Sunday, February 13, 2011


This one is almost to rediculous to be true, but apparently it really happened. Heres the story,

"A twin-engine plane crashed into a house in the Democratic Republic of Congo a few hundred yards from its destination, killing a British co-pilot and 19 others on board. The sole human survivor told investigators that an escaped crocodile caused the crash after a stampede of passenger running away from it caused the plan to serve shortly before it was due to land.
Crocodile brings down plane
The plane came down during an internal flight from the capital, Kinshasa, to Bandundu regional airport on August 25 but investigators could not find any mechanical problems with the plane. A report by news organisation Jeune Afrique stated: “According to the inquiry report and the testimony of the only survivor, the crash happened because of a panic sparked by the escape of a crocodile hidden in a sports bag. One of the passengers had hidden the animal, which he planned to sell, in a big sports bag, from which the reptile escaped as the plane began its descent into Bandundu. The terrified air hostess hurried towards the cockpit, followed by the passengers. The plane was then sent off-balance ‘despite the desperate efforts of the pilot. The crocodile survived the crash before being cut up with a machete.’
First Officer Chris Wilson, 39, died alongside Belgian pilot Danny Philemotte, 62 who could not regain control of the aircraft after the passengers caused it to swerve, before it crashed into the house which was unoccupied at the time.
Speaking to her local paper in Shurdington, Gloucestershire, Mr Wilson’s mother Jean, 78, paid tribute to her son, saying: “He loved flying and he worked hard to fulfill his dream of becoming a pilot. He had three jobs at once just to pay for his training. He absolutely adored flying. I’m very proud of him for working so hard. He loved life and did everything he could to achieve his dream. There have been so many messages from people he has known through the years. We didn’t realise so many people cared for him.”"

What would you have done if you saw a fucking croc on your plane?!

Friday, February 11, 2011


This one is a bit different from the last few posts, but still very shocking. First off, the story,

"The body of an old man was left on a balcony in Los Angeles for nearly a week as neighbours thought it looked like a Halloween display. Authorities were eventually called to the scene where they found Mostafa Mahmoud Zayed, 78, slumped in a chair with a single gunshot wound to his head.
Dead body mistaken by neighbours as Halloween display
Neighbors of the man said that they failed to call police because the body “looked like a Halloween dummy”. Austin Raishbrook, who was at the apartment in the Marina del Rey district of LA when authorities were called stated, “The body was in plain view of the entire apartment complex and they all didn’t do anything. It’s very strange. It did look unreal, to be honest”.
The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has interviewed all the neighbors and are treating the death as a suicide."

Well then, that seems like something out of a horror movie. What would you have done? I honestly might have done the same and assumed it to be a prop.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


There really isnt anything to look further into here, her mother was just fucking insane. Heres the story,

"A mother suspected of being addicted to crystal meth put her ten day old daughter in a washing machine with other washing and placed it on a spin cycle, the baby girl went through most of the spin cycle after been discovered after 40 minutes by a relative. Mother Lyndsey Fiddler is thought to have mistakenly put her daughter in the machine whilst on drugs, her aunt, Rhonda Coshatt made the discovery after going round to check on Fiddler, who also has two other children.
Baby girl dies after being placed in a washing machine
When Coshatt entered the home she found Fiddler asleep, she had trouble waking her before realising the baby called Maggie May missing, when she heard a strange noise coming from the washing machine she went to investigate, opening up the top loading lid and switching it off she made the grim discovery.
In a frantic call to emergency dispatchers 26-year-old Fiddler is heard saying:”My baby is dead.” She was then heard arguing with Rhonda Coshatt who is heard on the call saying: “No I did not kill your baby, you did.”
Many of the emergency crews and police who responded to the incident were left in tears at the incident in Bartlesville, Oklahoma where they found the dead baby still inside the washing machine. A veteran police chief who attended the scene said it was the most tragic crime scene he has ever investigated, even after he had witnessed multiple murders and gangland shootings.
Lyndsey Fiddler was initially arrested on drugs charges then after an investigation revealed that the baby girl had gone through a full-spin cycle before she was discovered, Fiddler was then charged with second degree manslaughter. She has also previously been arrested in April for taking drugs when she was four months pregnant as well as a long criminal history with arrests for assault, driving without a license and not having her two older children in car seats. Her relatives had been trying to get her parental rights revoked before the birth of her third child.
Paramedic John Houser, who worked on the baby, said: ‘Terrible. I don’t even know how to describe it.’  A veteran detective taking crime scene photos of the baby at the hospital had to step outside because he was so overcome with emotion. Police chief Holland said: “I can assure you we’re not going to leave any stone unturned.”"

Unfuckingbelievable. Thoughts guys?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This shit gets more ridiculous by the day. Heres the story guys,

"5-year-old boy viciously beat his disabled grandmother with several items--including her walker--and then urinated on her back when she tried to escape!

The boy's mother, Jessica Hatcher, was arrested on child neglect and incapacitated adult abuse charges because she sat on the couch and watched television while her 58-year old mother, Alice F. Hatch was beaten in their Jackson County, West Virginia trailer, reports Charleston Daily Mail.

According to reports, the victim, who suffers from kidney failure, pneumonia and uses a wheelchair and walking aid, told officers how the child began a tantrum earlier that morning, stemming from "simple parenting-type issues."

Alice says things quickly turned physical when he grabbed her walker and began striking her with it, reports The Daily Mail. He then slapped her and spit in her face. She then tried to protect herself using a cane, but the boy disarmed her and began beating her with it.

This all unfolded as the boy's mother, Jessica, sat only feet away and ignored her mother's cries for help because was too engrossed in watching a television program. She told the victim she "can't do anything with him," reports The Daily Mail.

The grandmother managed to elude the child and locked herself in a bedroom. But he soon found her and began punching and kicking holes through the door until it gave way and he gained entry. Then he hit her with an aerosol can, she says.

The victim says she got into her wheelchair, exited the home and planned to lock herself in a car, but the boy caught up with her again and knocked her to the ground wielding a mop. That's when he stood on top of her and urinated on her back, according to reports.

She eventually managed to call 911.

When deputies arrived, the child's mother admitted that there was an argument but didn't believe anything inappropriate occurred, citing her mother and son "just don't click anymore." She added that parenting "was a burden in general."

The child is now in custody of a family member who does not live in the home.

WTF?! Alright before we bash the mother, I've seen some kids go through some serious parenting shit at home, but in the end the choices you make ARE YOUR CHOICES! That child made the decision to not only harm this frail old lady, but CONTINUE to do it! As for the mother, in plain english FUCK HER; If you can't take care of your fucking kid then dont fucking have one, plain and simple. People these days man...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I'm speechless this time guys, heres the story;

"PORTLAND, Ore. -- A 3-month-old child was taken to a hospital in critical condition after his mother attempted to circumcise him at home, police said.

Portland police Sgt. Pete Simpson said officers arrived at a home at Northeast 127th Avenue and Burnside Street at about 2 a.m. Sunday to assist medics after a call of an injured child.

Police said they learned the mother had attempted to perform a medical procedure on the infant.

The child was taken to a hospital, Simpson said, and is expected to survive.

Detectives from the police bureau's child abuse team and state officials are investigating.

No arrests have been made at this point, Simpson said."

Wow. Just wow.

Monday, February 7, 2011


This one isn't as new but still has bothered me since I heard about it. Heres the story first,

"Gary Korkuc, a 51-year-old New York man was jailed Sunday after police discovered he allegedly marinated a cat he was preparing to eat.

According to Buffalo Police and SPCA officials, an officer pulled Korkuc over after he allegedly ran a stop sign.

The officer was processing the traffic stop when he reportedly heard a cat's meow from the rear of the vehicle.

When the officer decided to take a closer look inside Korkuc's trunk, he was greeted with the bizarre sight of a cat marinating in oil, crushed red pepper, chili powder and salt.

"From what we understand from Buffalo Police, the person who owned this kitty was marinating him in order to cook him," said SPCA spokesperson, Gina Browning.

Korkuc, has since denied any plans of eating the cat, calling the allegation a mere "assumption."

He also apparently denies that the cat was marinating, but instead was pregnant and recently miscarried. (we thought this cat was a he, according to SPCA).

"That was it's blood and feces," said Korkuc. "I was taking it back over to the SPCA when they stopped me."

SPCA officials reconfirmed Tuesday that the cat is indeed a male that had been neutered.

Korkuc, who reportedly adopted the cat from SPCA in May, apparently decided to get rid of the cat because it had created a mess in his apartment, according to a neighbor.

Korbuc was booked into jail on one count of aggravated cruelty to animals.

This article has dug into my core since I first read it. What fucking situation do you have to be brought up in to turn out like this? In my line of work, I have met many people who have suffered through excruciating things in their childhood and turned out to be normal people. Hell, even I didnt have the ideal life; but HOW THE FUCK does ones mind get this corrupt?! This is sick. What is even more sick is the fact that hes the only whos been caught, which means there is most likely more sick fucks like this "Cat Cuisine Guy" or "Bible Slaughter Lady". Just awful... what has this world come to?


first off, the story.

"COLUMBIA, S.C. — Authorities have charged a South Carolina woman with felony animal cruelty, saying she hanged her nephew's pit bull from a tree with an electrical cord and burned its body because the dog chewed on her Bible.

Animal control officers said Monday that 65-year-old Miriam Smith told them she killed a female dog named Diamond because it was a "devil dog" and she worried it could harm neighborhood children. Authorities said bond wasn't immediately set for Smith, who remains jailed in Spartanburg County after her weekend arrest.

Officials said she didn't have an attorney yet.

she faces 180 days to five years in prison if convicted.
Authorities say the remains of the dog were found under a pile of grass with part of an electrical cord around its neck"

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! I know, not all religious people are this extreme, but seriously its fucking 2011. I think we have mustered up the knowledge to comprehend that dogs as an act of nature teethe on things just as a baby would. It didnt know the significance of what it was chewing, and I'm more than positive it was only chance that he would chew it. Maybe if this woman had bought the dog proper chew toys and treated it like an actual domestic animal, she could have avoided the charges and the torn up bible. DO NOT OWN AN ANIMAL IF YOU WONT TREAT IT IN AN UNDERSTANDING MANNER! ITS PLAIN AND SIMPLE! FUCK!


honestly, what the fuck was that? if i was slash i would have fucking unplugged my guitar the second fergie belted out the first 2 lines. "wtf are you going on about?!" look.